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Artic White

Artic White

Artic white


Available in Extra and A1,  in slabs sizes.


Tiles 60x30x2

Tiles 60x60x2
Tiles 12"x24"x3/8"
Tiles 24"x24"x3/8" or 5/8"



For custom projects please contact by email.


    Just as black is absorption, so white is total reflection! White, an inherently positive color, communicates absolute clarity with no fine nuances since Greek and Roman times.

    “Artic White”, a white canvas accompanied by gentle, dripping movement of irregular gold veins adds an instant touch of dignity and formality. The inviting blush gleam of warm butternut strikes complements the hardware giving elegance and light promoting confidence and optimism.

    Easily tailored to a number of indoor and outdoor layouts, Artic White is specified for traditional construction as well as in innovative applications. It is chiefly ideal for use in confined spaces, the texture of which, breathes a heightened perception of space and emanates a feeling of tranquility to every design it engulfs.


    We ship from the port of Thessaloniki ,Greece. For shipping please contact us by email or quote.

    * All prices are adjusted to FOB shipping

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