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Greek Calacatta

Greek Calacatta

Greek Calacatta Marble


CharacteristicsApparent density ρ b kg/m 3 2837,2Open porosity p o % 0,7Real density ρ r kg/m 32860,3Total porosity p % 0,8Water absorption coefficient by capillarity C ΕΝ 1925:2001 g/m 2 √s 0,90Water absorption at atmospheric pressure Ab ΕΝ 13755:2008 % 0,21Compressive strength R N/mm 2 184,02Flexural strength under constant moment R tc EN 13161:2008 N/mm 2 23,12Flexural strength under concentrated load R tf N/mm 2 4,77Frost resistanceFlexural strength change ΔR tf % 0,7Result Minor influenceAbrasion resistance ΕΝ 14157:2004 Method B mm 3 1646,4Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons Extraction/Conc./HPLC-FI det. Not DetectedHeavy Metals AAS Safe for useRadionuclides TR No 295 IAEA 1989 Safe for useDetermination of ASBESTOS content HSG 248, HSE, UK by PLM Not Detected


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