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thassos tiles

Thassos Snow White Tiles

Thassos snow white EXTRA

Thassos A1

Thassos A2

Thassos A3

Thassos commerical A and B


For quality lower than extra, please contact by email.


All come in slabs and in tiles or specific dimensions




Available in Extra and A1,  in slabs sizes.


Tiles 60x30x2

Tiles 60x60x2
Tiles 12"x24"x3/8"
Tiles 24"x24"x3/8" or 5/8"


Greek marble from the quarries of Drama Greece.

Very Nice for kitchen, bathroom, hotel, and residential design. White marble.



For custom projects please contact by email.


    We ship from the port of Thessaloniki ,Greece. For shipping please contact us by email or quote.

    * All prices are adjusted to FOB shipping


    Thassos marble inherits its name from the Greek island of “Thassos” located in the northern Aegean Sea from where it is quarried since antiquity. It is renowned as the epitomy of luxury with a crystal snow white colour of luminescence, very small grain size as well as homogeneous shape providing an alluring aesthetic to places that call for a minimalist approach. It is perfectly suitable for interior and exterior applications due to durability to high temperatures according with the mind-blowing reflectance of the sunbeams.

    Petrographic description: 95% Do, 4 % Cc, 1 % Kf
    Bulk density 2840 Kg/m3
    Open Porosity 0,4 %
    Water Absorption 0,14 %
    Flexural Strength 1,6 MPa
    Compressive Strength 118 MPa
    Abrasion resistance 21,7 mm


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